A collection of beasties from my "Monster-a-Day" sketchbook.Click on any of the thumbnails below to see them in all their full monstrous glory.

The begining: My "Moster-a-Day" sketchbook.

It all started on April 24, 2002, when I first scribbled in my "Monster-a-Day" sketchbook. Somewhere towards the end of the 150 days I spent doodling monsters of all types, they started talking to me.

"Put me in a book!" said Fleaful Smockbopper.
"Yeah! Me, too!" chimed in Squeaky Pete (with the squeaky seat).
"Glarrrrrgggh!" added Gralph, which I think meant, "Do something like 'Pressed Fairies' or 'Strange Stains and Mysterious Smells' by Terry Jones and Brian Froud, mixed with the classic "Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual" and throw in a bit of 'Monsters Inc.' and 'Where The Wild Things Are" for good measure."

So, just like that, "Unsung Monsters" was born.