Eppie-Gladys Snarf the Loose-Lipped Dipp

Until recently, Eppie was employed in Ghastly Castle as an Assistant Smudger, Second Class. She was in charge of smudging fingerprints into the decorative layer of grime that coats Ghastly Castle's living areas, so as to more easily draw attention to the grime's quality and lack of luster. However, being the first Loose-Lipped Dipp, Eppie found herself unable to keep quiet on the job (or at any other time, really) and she was "let go" by the Tight-Lipped Dipps.

Fun Fact: Since Eppie is all about her big mouth, her name had to reflect her constant blabbing. "Eppie-Gladys" is a pun on the word "Epiglottis" (that little dangly thing at the back of your throat) and "Snarf" is what happens if you laugh while you're drinking and it all shoots out your nose.