"Smith Brown Jones: Alien Accountant" is a Saturday-matinee-science-fiction-movie-marathon of a comic, starring a floating robot head, an alien-lizard assassin,dim-witted robot henchmen, goofy superheroes, a plucky cartoonist, trolls, fairies, goblins, a vampire unicorn, a burping cat and, of course, an accountant from another world! What more could you ask for?

Here's what people have said about Smith and company:

"A whirlwind of comic chaos with a still (if pan-icky) center, full of dry wit, sharp timing and a masterful appreciation of the innate goofiness of the universe."
-Kurt Busiek, creator of "Astro City"

"Me and my friends used to draw comics in high school just to try and make each other laugh. The competition was very tough, we were hilarious. But if Jon "Bean" Hastings had been there, he would have been the leader of the pack. Smith Brown Jones is the funniest comic I've read in a long time."
-Terry Moore, creator of "Strangers in Paradise"

"I also continue to recommend Smith Brown Jones from Kiwi Studios... Written and drawn by Jon "Bean" Hastings, the black and white title continues the goony adventures of an extraterrestrial who's trying to fit into our society. Bigfoot cartooning, funny stories.
-Maggie Thompson, Comic Buyer's Guide

"You're guaranteed to fall for this fun little comic."
- Tom Palmer Jr., Wizard Magazine

"...a wonderful all-ages, science-fiction comic... Well written and light hearted...."
-Jeff Mason, Indy Magazine

"The final tally for the first issue... three episodes of helpless laughter, six ap-preciative chuckles, and countless snickers through-out."
- Joyce Greenholdt, Comic Buyer's Guide

The Characters


Smith Brown Jones

On Earth, he's merely another mild mannered alien-activities reporter for a tabloid newspaper but whenever there's trouble from the stars, he's crunching the numbers (or running around in complete panic, depending)!



What's a hero without a sidekick? And so Smith has Pops, the Peripherally Operating Personality System. Of course, a P.O.P.S. unit is state-of-the-art equipment for alien accountants, more useful than a Swiss army knife (and better to have a conversation with.)


Razalas Salazar

Raz's ability to be unfazed by standard alien weirdness is probably the reason she's Smith's only human confidant on Planet Earth. Of course, she's always conveniently there to help Smith out after he's taken his lumps, but then that's why she's the smart one.

Phtang, Chuck and Mel

Phtang is the scourge of the galaxy! So who better than the deadliest assassin in space to serve as a foe for our stalwart accountant? With the help (?) of Chuck and Mel, his hench-bots, Phtang tracks down unsuspecting humans and turns them into… suspecting humans! For what evil purpose only Smith and his alien accountancy can decipher!

Enigman and Hyperbully

So long as evil deeds need be done, there shall lurk in not so brightly lit corners, he who is the embodiment of Things Not Nice, Hyperbully! Hyperbully! The name that springs forward like creeping terror squatting really low and shouting, "Creeping Terror passing through!"
His equal but opposite number, Enigman fights for good. Why? No one knows. He is a "mystery wrapped in an enigma, lightly frosted in a conundrum!" No one knows who this freedom fighter may be, ... and frankly, no one much cares.